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Features of CMT Sensor Gear Ring

With our proprietary machining and measuring technologies,
we provide high quality products that meet the satisfaction of customers as well as price and delivery time.

We have successfully developed and localized sensor gear of FANUC's Bzi
for positioning C axis of turning center of machining tool and
supply to the leading domestic machine tool makers.

Patent registration for manufacturing Sensor Gear Ring

Registration No. 10-1785928

  • 01 Number of teeth: 25 to 1024
  • 02 Modules: 0.2, 0.3, 0.4, 0.5, 1.0
  • 03 Standard material: SCM420-JIS G4053

Customers of CMT Sensor Gear Ring


Precisions Sensor Gear Ring and Inspection Equipment

CNC Gear Hobbing Machine

CNC Gear Hobbing Machine

Sensor Gear Ring Test Bench


Sensor Gear Ring Test Result


Testing and programming unit GEL 211

for sensors with sin/cos output 1 VPP

Start screen for the web interface

Display of the SIN/COS signals for the signal analysis information on the tooth-to-tooth values and indication of the average values over one turn

Definition of speed ranges for the MiniCODER plus

Duration of operation in different speed ranges display of the configurable operating hours counter in the MiniCODER plus


Sensor Gear Ring Specification (FANUC)

NAME Drawing No. Remarks
Waterproof connector Npn-Waterproof connector Number of teeth Maximum speed Detection ring
nner diameter Outer diameter
α iBZsensor 128 A860-2150-T201 A860-2155-T201 128 20,000 min-¹ Ø40 Ø52
α iBZsensor 128H A860-2150-T211 A860-2155-T211 70,000 min-¹
α iBZsensor 192 A860-2150-T311 A860-2155-T311 192 40,000 min-¹ Ø60 Ø77.6
α iBZsensor 256 A860-2150-T401 A860-2155-T401 256 15,000 min-¹ Ø82 Ø103.2
α iBZsensor 256S A860-2150-T404 A860-2155-T404 Ø88
α iBZsensor 256H A860-2150-T411 A860-2155-T411 30,000 min-¹ Ø82
α iBZsensor 384 A860-2150-T511 A860-2155-T511 384 15,000 min-¹ Ø125 Ø154.4
α iBZsensor 512 A860-2150-T611 A860-2155-T611 512 10,000 min-¹ Ø160 Ø205.6

Precision Specification(CMT)

NAME Resolution in Cs axis control Accuracy (typ.)
α iBZsensor 128 / 128H 360,000/rev. 30/1000 deg.
α iBZsensor 192 25/1000 deg.
α iBZsensor 256 / 256H / 256S 20/1000 deg.
α iBZsensor 384 15/1000 deg.
α iBZsensor 512 10/1000 deg.